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WPA SEO Auto Linker Wordpress Plugin | WP

WPA SEO Auto Linker WordPress Plugin

WPA SEO Auto Linker is dedicated to helping larger websites form cornerstone content without editors spending extra time creating the needed links by hand. WPA SEO Auto Linker is simply a filter that scans texts on the site and inserts links into keywords and phrases.

We have recently started the development of the WPA Auto Linker plugin. The plugin is a direct follow-up to the wonderfull SEO Auto Linker plugin developed by Maarten Brakkee.

The reason for us to start re-development of this plugin, is the incompatibility with PHP 7 webservers and some minor security issues it introduces. For the first release we only made code corrections to proof the code for WordPress running under PHP 7. Over 2018 we plan code performance improvements and we will be working on new features.

WPA SEO Auto Linker is and will remain a free plugin we donate to the WordPress community.

WPA SEO Auto Linker is tested by several large Dutch websites before being made available to the community.

Download for free.

Migrating from the SEO Auto Links plugin?

Just deactivate the original plugin and install ours. At the moment, we fully support the old settings. So no need to reconfigure everything.


v0.2 – First stable release

  • Improvements made to security
  • Improvements made to the UI

v0.1 – First release, code corrections for PHP7


WPA SEO Auto Linker is open source, protected under the GPLv2 license or later.