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WPA SEO Auto Linker Launched | WP

Great news today. Though we do develop a lot of plugins in-house for our maintenance service, we just released our first open source WordPress plugin. WPA SEO Auto Linker is aimed at those that look for an easy way to create cornerstone content within larger websites.

The request to create a plugin like this came from The Dutch techsite features over 12.000 posts in it’s database needs a tool like this to easily maintain and update important links. To top it off, this version can manage both internal and external links.

The WPA SEO Auto Linker plugin was based on an older plugin. That seized working on websites after migrating to PHP7. Next to that, the original plugin had several safety issues that needed to be dealt with.

As we recognized the importance of a plugin like this, we redeveloped it and game it back to the community as open source. Over the coming years, WP Assist will keep maintaining WPA SEO Auto Linker.

Download for free or check the developers page.